Board of Directors


Julie Paskiet

Career Advisor,

PennACE Member Since: 2013

Responsibilities in current Board role: Reviews & establishes organizational goals, objectives, and focus with Executive Board; oversees committees and activities; maintains regular contact, establishes agendas and meets with Executive Board and general membership; determines issues that need a general membership vote; authors President’s message for organization newsletter; appoints chairpersons of standing and ad hoc committees.

Additional PennACE Involvement:
Conference Chair:  2018
Conference Committee:  2015 & 2017

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE:  My favorite part of being involved with PennACE are the opportunities to grow professionally. From presenting at the annual conference, to being on a committee, to networking with friends and colleagues, PennACE has consistently provided me with experiences that have helped me be a better and more thoughtful career professional.


Jenelle Henry
Vice President/President Elect 

Assistant Director, Academic & Career Planning, Kutztown University 

PennACE Member Since:  2010

Responsibilities in current Board role: Chair the 2018 Annual PennACE Conference Planning Committee.  Assist the President as needed in scheduling meetings and organizing arrangements.  Support and assist with activities and projects of Presidents, Executive Board and committees.  Serves in the absence of President 

Additional PennACE Involvement:
JoAnne Day Student of The Year Committee:  2018-2018
Conference Planning Committee:  2017-2018
Secretary:  2016-2018

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE:  The opportunity to network with other colleagues and share ideas for the good of all students. 


Nick Praedin

Director, Employer Engagement, 
Lehigh University

PennACE Member Since: 2012

Responsibilities in current Board role: Manage and oversee the organization’s financial accounts. Assist with budget planning and strategy. Collect dues and ensure payment of expenses.  Managing the finances and administering fiscal matters of the organization, provide annual budget to the board for members’ approval, and ensure development and board review of financial policies and procedures.

Additional PennACE Involvement:
Treasurer:  2013-2019
PennACE Annual Conference:   2013-2015, 2017
Student Of The Year Committee 
Grants Committee
Professional Development Committee 

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE: Being a part of PennACE has been such a rewarding experience for me.  Not only have I had the opportunity to meet new professionals in the field, but I have been able to strengthen and maintain current relationships with colleagues.  There is a tremendous amount of commitment to the industry and organization, as well as camaraderie and willingness to learn and share expertise, within PennACE.  It is great to be a part of such a fun organization.   Thank you for this opportunity!


Tammy Manko

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

PennACE Member Since:  2010

Responsibilities in current Board role:   Record all  meeting minutes (Executive Board meeting, Annual Business Meeting) and distribute to Executive Board / Membership 

Additional PennACE Involvement:
President:  2012-2013 | Past President:  2013-2015
Conference Chair:  2011-2012
Donna Dentler Service Award Recipient:  2016
Keystone Award Recipient:  2012
Government Relations Committee: 2 years 
SOTY Committee: 2 years 

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE: 
Engaging and networking with colleagues, employers, and friends from various institutions and exchanging ideas, shared research findings, and best practices.  This fantastic group of professionals in our PennACE organization is a blessing to me in the work we do to make a positive difference in the lives of our students as well as alumni and employers!


Kelsey Thompson
Membership Chair

Assistant Director,  
Indiana University of PA

PennACE Member Since: 2015

Responsibilities in current Board role: Maintain the membership database, send reminders to those whose memberships are due to expire each quarter, answer questions regarding membership and promote membership to colleagues and employers who are not current members.  Extend outreach to prospective members and organizations

Additional PennACE Involvement: 
Conference Committee & Exhibitors Committee & Presenter:  2015
Program and Speakers Committee and Presenter:  2017
Keystone Award Recipient:  2019

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE: PennACE has been a fantastic organization to be a part of!  It was the very first professional organization I joined as a higher education professional and I have not looked back since.  Right from the start, I immediately felt welcomed and enjoyed the chance to be a part of something outside of my office/institution.  I continue to value the strong connections I am able to make, the ideas that are shared when we all get together, and the chance to collaborate and interact with other professionals across the state!  


Krissie Doppelheuer 
Communication Chair

Assistant Director / Employer Relations,
California University of PA

PennACE Member Since: 2008

Responsibilities in current Board role: Manage the PennACE Website; E-list Administration; Conference Registration. Work closely with all Executive Board Members to ensure accurate information.   

Additional PennACE Involvement:
Communication Chair:  2013-2021
Employer Relations Committee:  2014-2015, 2017-2018
Professional Development Chair:  2011-2013
Professional Development Committee:  2017-2018
Conference Site & Hospitality Committee:  2009, 2012
Conference Committee:  2011, 2013-2018
Donna Dentler Service Award Recipient:  2019

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE: I love that we can share ideas, ask for advice, join committees while creating professional relationships and connecting with peers. I truly enjoy all aspects of PennACE!



Brandi Stretavski
Marketing & Public Relations Chair

Coordinator of Academic & Career Advising, La Roche University

PennACE Member Since:  2017

Responsibilities in current Board role:  Coordinate all social media and public relations efforts for the organization. Explore and present to the board a marketing and public relations strategy, including social media, with regular review of and updates to the strategy. Work collaboratively with the Communication Chair and other executive board members to carry out the adopted social media and public relations strategy effectively.   Design and delivery of Messenger newsletter.

Additional Involvement in PennACE:  
Program Speakers Committee: 2018

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE:
My favorite part of being a member of PennACE is the supportive, optimistic and close-knit community. Each member is eager to offer advice and guidance. I have learned so much from professionals across the state, and becoming more involved has helped me build confidence as a newer professional. 


Heather Balas
Member-at-Large/Professional Development 

Mercyhurst University

PennACE Member Since:  2010

Responsibilities in current Board role: Coordinate opportunities for relevant and affordable professional development programs for the membership of PennACE. This could include programs featuring guest speakers, round-table discussions, webinars, etc. on career and job-search topics of interest to career professionals and employers.

Additional PennACE Involvement:  
President:  2015-2016 | Past President:  2016-2017
Conference Programming Committee:  2011
Co-Chair, Conference Programming Committee:  2012
Chair, Conference Programming Committee: 2013
Secretary:  2011-2013
Donna Dentler Award Receipient:  2018

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE:  
The positive connections I have made with my colleagues across the state.


Nicole Feldhues 

Duquesne University 

PennACE Member Since:  2009

Responsibilities in current Board role:  Determine timeline and adjust grant guidelines as needed, Convene a committee of volunteers to review grant proposals, Collect and review proposals with committee, Select grant recipients and level of funding, Notify grant recipients and work with Treasurer to distribute financial award,  Interact with Communication Chair to publicize and congratulate grant recipients through the website and newsletter.

Additional PennACE Involvement:
President:  2016-2016 | Past President:  2016-2017
Conference Chair:  2015-2016
Professional Development Chair:  2013-2015
Conference Program Committee
Grants Committee 

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE:  
Through PennACE I have the opportunity to build a network of connections across the state that are important to my own success as a career services professional.  I know I can count on my colleagues for ideas, support, and inspiration when needed! 


Diana Brush
Member-at-Large/Student of the Year

Associate Director/Employer Relations, School of Education Liaison,
Clarion University 

PennACE Member Since: 2006

Responsibilities in current Board role: Promote the annual PennACE Student of the Year Awards to membership and serve as a point of contact for both nominators and student-candidates.  Meet with a group of committee volunteers to evaluate and select winners for each of the four nomination categories. Once winners are selected, their information will be forwarded to membership and all nominees. All of our winners are invited to speak at the 2017 PennACE Conference.

Additional PennACE Involvement:
Chairperson, Conference Keynote Speaker & Programs:  2009-2012
Member, Professional Development Committee:  2007-2009
PennACE Grant Recipient
PennACE Conference Presenter 

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE: 
Networking with colleagues at the annual conference and professional development events has been truly rewarding.   PennACE members were so kind and welcomed me into the organization when I transitioned into the field of career services in 2006.  Newcomers beware - - members will get you involved and hooked on PennACE at your very first event!

Susan Chappell
Member-at-Large/Government Relations

Employer Engagement Manager,
Penn State University


PennACE Member Since:  2012

Responsibilities in current Board role:  Create innovative ways to inform and engage PennACE membership around the legislative issues that impact our industry. 

Additional PennACE Involvement:
Employer Relations Committee:  2013-2015
PennACE Eastern Region Employer Reception Co-Chair:  2015

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE: 
The opportunity to share best practices across our industry 

Lesli Somerset 
Member-at-Large/Employer Relations

Assistant Director of Career Development
Internship Program & Outreach,
Chatham University

PennACE Member Since:  2016

Responsibilities in current Board role:  Coordinate recruitment and engagement opportunities with employers across the state for or membership.  Provide hot topics and best practices to employers related to career services.   


Additional PennACE Involvement: 
Conference Committee:  2017
Keystone Award Recipient:  2018

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE: 
My favorite part of PennACE is collaborating with career professionals and employers across the state. This organization brings together tons of new and innovative ideas to enhance our students experiences and grow professionally.


Katy Rush
Past President 

Interim Associate Director, 
Penn State Harrisburg

PennACE Member Since: 2014

Responsibilities in current Board role:  Solicits nominations for officers and members-at-large.  Revises and distributes organizational manual to new officers.  Solicits nominations form the membership for the Donna Dentler Service Award and the Keystone Award.  Researchers sites for future conferences.  Serves as Parliamentarian.  Acts as PennACE historian, maintaining and updating the archives.  

Additional PennACE Involvement:
President:  2017-2018
Conference Chair:  2016-2017
Conference Committee:  2015
Keystone Award Recipient:  2015
Professional Development Chair:  2015-2016
Conference Volunteer & Scholarship Recipient:  2014 

Favorite Part of Being Involved in PennACE:  I love the lasting friendships that blossom from professional contacts through common passion, the fun and informative annual conference, and affordable professional development opportunities.  PennACE is so much more than a professional association; it's an extended family with extensive resources and connections.  I am so thankful I joined as a graduate student and have had the opportunity to grow professionally and personally through my involvement.

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