Conference Programs 

PennACE 2021 – See what we’ll be talking about at the 2021 conference! We’ll also be hearing from 4 employers on the state of recruiting and hiring in 2021 and there will be talk for small group discussions on various topics regarding career and workforce development!

List of Available Programs: 

Joining Forces: How Academic Advisors and Career Advisors Connect             

This program will identify the similarities and differences between both professional roles of advising from an academic and career lens. NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) and NACADA competencies for both professional roles will be identified. Creating a collaborative environment will better aid a student in his or her development. Furthermore, it will create a cohesive experience for the student from both functional areas.

Establishing Leadership Presence

Leadership is integral to professional success no matter the position we hold within an organization. Regardless of what you believe about how leaders evolve -- they're born or they learn to be leaders or some combination of these -- we all have the capacity to lead. Part of being a leader, however, is being seen and being respected as a leader. How do we make this happen, especially if it doesn't come to us naturally? We establish leadership presence using tips, tricks, and tools based on best practices and research. This presentation will provide you with tactics for standing out as a respected leader in your organization and in life.



As we come together to discuss issues facing us university career center professionals and employers seeking to recruit from colleges and universities, it's important that we examine our purpose and priorities. Frankly, it's never been more imperative that we review the state of higher education and post-secondary preparation of students as it relates to their employment success. If we're going to serve students most effectively, we must meet them where they are with a thorough understanding of the competencies employers seek in new (and existing) hires. Then, we must put our heads together to identify intentional and strategic actionable items to move our educational efforts forward in terms of advancing our students and graduates to find their success as they define it. Join me as we cover some of this territory and challenge one another to continue exploring and taking appropriate action. After all, it really is all about our students

Employer Engagement in the Virtual World   


Successful employer engagement comes down to connections - connecting employers with students, faculty, alumni, families, career center staff. But, that's harder to do in the virtual space. Find out some innovative ways to make those connections and keep employers engaged with your university, career center, events, and students.

Intersectionality and Career Development

The term intersectionality serves as a framework for understanding how the intersection of multiple social identities (i.e. gender, race, SES, sexuality, etc.) can influence how we experience the world. Being aware of the intersection of social identities, including our own, inform the way we interactive with students, colleagues, and other stakeholders. Attend this interactive session to gain insight how your own social identities have impacted your individual experiences and how to make your career counseling style and office more inclusive.

Integrating Life Design Within a New Career and Academic Progress Model

What happens when a university decides to combine a career team, exploratory advisory faculty team and its success coaches into a single sub-division, while concurrently moving from a classic exploration model to a Life Design model of wayfinding? In 2019, Career Education at SRU experimented with Life Design. In 2020, the office became part of a new subdivision and the experiment expanded. We'll explore strategy, structure, initial outcomes and a vision for the future.

Man and Machine - Understanding Applicant Tracking Software in 2021 for Optimal Resumes          


As we prepare students with eloquent resumes demonstrating their strengths, we can’t forget the first part of the battle –Applicant Tracking Software. When nearly every Fortune 500 company uses ATS’s to streamline the hiring process, It behooves career coaches to understand their intricacies. PDF or DOCX? 1 Page or 2? Do “Key Skills” sections help? Through research into how ATS’s process information in 2021, this presentation prepares career coaches how to develop resumes that maximize the chances for an interview.

From Student Ambassador to Supervisor: How to Run a Successful Student Employee Program

Career centers have a lot going on. Between managing events, student appointments, workshops, and social media there is a lot to do and oftentimes, these offices rely on the help of student employees. Students in these roles not only assist in day-to-day operations but also as advocates to their peers about the importance of the career center on campus. Presented by a former student employee turned supervisor, this presentation will focus on how to create an innovative student employee program.

Igniting a Culture of Growth and Innovation during Change

The quote, “change is the only constant in life” has never rung more true. Changes in administration, leadership, staffing, funding, COVID-19, integration, and the list goes on...but how is your office responding? How are you ensuring a culture of growth and innovation? This session will discuss how Clarion’s Center for Career and Professional Development adapted to help staff reduce burnout, grow professionally, and innovate during the COVID-19 pandemic, changes in leadership, and planning for integration with two other universities.

Try This, Not That: Reaching Gen Z Virtually

The age-old question continues: how do we reach our students? With many communications occurring virtually even before COVID-19, it is crucial to understand the preferences of our target audience, many of whom could be identified as Generation Z, and focus our efforts on strategies that are most likely to resonate with them amidst the whirlwind of information overload. This session will address some ideas of simple but powerful tactics to attract more students to your team’s offerings.

Leading Through Adversity with Resilience          


The past year has been a struggle for many of us. This interactive session will discuss resilience, handling adversity, and building our self-care regimen to help us adapt and lead even when we are struggling.

Design your life, not just your career: using Life Design strategies in career consultation      This session will introduce participants to the Life Design framework of career and personal development and provide opportunities to engage with content and activities that can be used in career consultations, programming, and more. Life Design employs a design thinking approach to help students from any major develop a constructive and effective approach to designing their lives and vocations. This framework considers topics like: the integration of work and worldviews; increasing balance and energy; the and practices that support lifelong career development.

From Reactive to Proactive: Sustaining Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as Part of the Career Development Mission  


Despite efforts by career development offices and employers to address disparities in career preparation and advancement of students and alumni with marginalized identities more needs to be done to ensure these efforts are sustaining values rather than reactive efforts. In this presentation, we will provide an overview of the efforts our office is undergoing to ensure that we are preparing students to understand and navigate identity issues in their professional lives, and discuss ways we are working to better understand efforts being made by our employer partners in these areas.

Solving Your Career Confusion

Career confusion is a costly problem impacting individuals, families, and companies globally. More than ever, people in the workforce are questioning their chosen field and are yearning for a more satisfied life. In this session I will share insight from my personal story and years of mentoring and coaching individuals in all stages of career. Come ready to learn how to recognize career confusion and how to avoid or overcome it through powerful tools and questions that tell more than skills, knowledge, and interests alone.

"I get by with a little help from my friends" - Collaborations to Serve Students and Alumni in the Virtual World.

In this 60-minute session, we will provide an overview of the Career Development-Alumni Relations Partnership at Chatham University and how we modified our in-person outreach and programming to a virtual approach. We will be sharing what has worked (what hasn’t), the lessons we’ve learned, and how we’ll be moving forward for the 21-22 Academic Year with a more permanent mix of in person and virtual programming.

Career Counseling Playbook: The Xs and Os of Working with Student Athletes           


It’s not hard to find a university that has a student athlete population. What might be hard to find is a career consultant that is specifically trained to work with those athletes. Join me in understanding why working with student athletes is a unique experience and learn skills on how you can build rapport with this diverse population to execute an effective game plan to getting them closer to career success.

Roundtable on Networking Platforms: Four PA Universities Share their Best-Practices          


The emergence of networking platforms as a means of providing on-line career guidance is a striking trend in higher education circles. The systems are costly and require considerable personnel resources, but they break down silos within the user-institution, leverage considerable alumni resources, are highly interactive, and when coupled with Zoom, can bring the entire world to the student’s doorstep, harness legions of volunteers and ambassadors, and provide much-needed virtual programming in the face of a pandemic. This session seeks to offer implementation strategies, decision-making advice and contrarian viewpoints.