JoAnne Day Student of the Year Awards

PennACE would like to recognize the achievements and contributions made by undergraduate students enrolled at member institutions who have completed an internship or co-op assignment. The JoAnne Day Student of the Year Awards were created for this purpose in honor of a career development professional. There are four categories, each awarding $250.

About JoAnne Day
2017 JoAnne Day Student of the Year Winners

Select the category that best represents the nature of your internship/co-op; not the employer's industry.

Undergraduate students in a baccalaureate degree program may select one of the following three categories:

  • Technical Award: Students must have completed an internship or co-op assignment that is related to (or similar to): engineering, computer science/information technology, sciences or research.
  • Liberal Arts Award: Students must have completed an internship or co-op assignment that is related to: educational services, social science/service, humanities or human services, government, communication, arts, entertainment.
  • Business Award: Students must have completed an internship or co-op assignment that is related to: business, marketing, management, accounting, business development or strategy, finance.
Undergraduate students in an associate degree program who have completed an internship or co-op assignment in any category (Technical, Liberal Arts, or Business) are eligible for the Associates Degree Award.

If you are unsure of which category best fits your experience, contact the Committee Chairperson.


  • Students must be currently enrolled or a current year graduate of a post-secondary institution in Pennsylvania that has a current PennACE membership.
  • Each student may only be nominated for one category. However, multiple submissions may be made by employers or schools (i.e.: ABC University may nominate multiple students for any category; XYZ company may nominate more than one of their interns).
  • Students must have completed their internship/co-op during the academic year (including the summer semester/term) in which the award is given. For the 2017 awards, nominees must have completed their assignment during Fall 2016, Spring 2017, and/or Summer 2017. Nominees must have worked at their assignment a minimum of 120 hours.
  • Students do not need to have obtained credit for their internship/co-op to be eligible for nomination.
  • Students doing an internship on their own campus are eligible to apply; however, there must be an employer support letter and a university support letter from two different persons. Each statement must follow the instructions below; it should be clearly stated which is the employer support letter and which is the university support letter.


All nomination packets will be reviewed and evaluated by the selection committee. The 2017 award recipients will be announced in December and officially recognized at the Spring 2018 PennACE Conference.

Nomination packets must be submitted in full  no later than Monday, November 30, 2017, to Diana Brush, Student of the Year Award Committee Chairperson at [email protected]
Questions?  Call 814-393-1865


_____ Complete the Nomination Form

_____ Current student resume. Students are encouraged to have their resume reviewed by their career center. Do not include GPA on resume. (If honor societies or awards are included, student still should not refer to a corresponding GPA.)

_____ Three support statements*:

1.  Student Statement – Students must provide a typed, double-spaced statement of their internship experience that is no more than two pages in length. 
Address the following topics:
  • Where and when the internship/co-op occurred with a brief description of the site
  • Projects that you worked on (alone or in a team)
  • Skills and/or abilities attained or further developed as a result of your experience
  • How the internship/co-op is connected to your academic experience
  • How it has influenced your college and future career plans or goals 
  • Be sure to note any honors or recognitions relevant to the internship/co-op, and/or contributions and achievements to the employer, your school, or the community.
2. Employer Support Statement: Your internship/co-op employer must write a typed, double-spaced support statement (no more than two pages in length) to be submitted on company letterhead.
The following topics should be addressed:
  • Students work related duties and projects along with quantity and quality of work
  • Examples of the student’s initiative, and/or creative, original work
  • Examples of how the student was challenged
  • Reflection on the overall impact that the student had on the department or organization
  • Be sure to note any published work or presentations made by the student and/or any recognition or awards given to the student by the organization.
3. College/University Support Statement: The student must obtain a college/university support statement from a faculty member or administrator from his or her campus.  Statement must be no more than two pages in length, typed, and double-spaced; must be on school/institution letterhead. 
The following topics should be addressed:
  • Students involvement in or contributions to the campus and/or the community
  • Student’s character
  • Student’s academic performance (this must be addressed in general terms only – do not refer to GPA)
  • In addition, this statement should address how the student’s internship/co-op experience contributed to his/her academic experience, even if the assignment was not completed for academic credit.

*Please email the supporting documents and resume to the Committee Chair - Diana Brush

Please Note:  Applications submitted outside of the required time frame will not be considered. 
2017 JoAnne Day Student of the Year Nomination Requirements and Form

Makenna Kuntz, Clarion University (Business); Emily Parker, Juniata College (Liberal Arts); Paige Laughlin, Penn State University (Technical); Katelyn Fyock-Myers, Clarion University (Associates Degree) 
2016: Ariana Heter, Slippery Rock University (Business); Christopher Cizek & Sophie Herzing, Lycoming College (Liberal Arts); Kristen Wilson, Waynesburg University (Technical)
2015: Shalen Perehinec, Juniata College (Business); Leah Handwerk, Lycoming College (Liberal Arts); Mario Soliman, Penn State Harrisburg (Technical)
2014: Matt Lee, The Pennsylvania State University (Business); Cassiah Stahl. Muhlenberg College (Technical),  Laura Brennan, Lycoming College (Liberal Arts); Xiaying Huang, Lehigh Carbon Community College (Associates Degree)
2013: Melissa Lee, Susquehanna University (Business); Jamielyn Samper (Technical); Tricia Johnston (Liberal Arts); James Szabo, Lehigh Carbon Community College (Associates Degree)
2012: Jennifer Hoppe, Millersville University (Business); Grace Evans, Slippery Rock University (Non-Profit); Emily Galli, Penn State University (Technical) 
2011: Kenton Filipowicz, Lock Haven University (Business); Hana Yasaki, Grove City College (Non-Profit); Zachary Robinson, Penn State University (Technical) 
2010: Rachit Tiwary, Dickinson College (Business); Leo McFarland, Franklin & Marshall College (Non-Profit); Alex Kossar, Muhlenberg College (Technical) 
2009:  Caitlin Miller, DeSales University (Business); Kaitlin Porter, Ursinus College (Non-Profit); Lindsey Draper, Juniata College (Technical) 
2008:  Sara DiNardo, The Pennsylvania State University (Technical) and Sarah Inskip, York College of Pennsylvania (Non-Technical) 
2007:  Nicholas Cimino, Juniata College (Technical) and Joseph Donohue, Shippensburg University (Non-Technical) 
2006:  Jack D. Flicker Penn State University (Technical) and Katherine T. Ringler, Ursinus College (Non-Technical) 
2005:  Donald Hackworth (Technical) and Kristina Tamny (Non-Technical) 
2004:  Angela Capece (Technical) and Ryan Richards (Non-Technical)