2020 Student of the Year Recipients 


Liberal Arts Category Recipient  - Christopher Anderson 
Central Penn College 
Criminal Justice Administration
Criminal Analyst Intern, Cumberland County District Attorney's Office in the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) 

“Chris’ internship was that of an analyst who reviewed investigative material and assisted detectives within the unit. It would consist of case reviews, data entry, filing, interview observations and other routine tasks. In Chris’ case it evolved into a larger role because of the maturity and work ethic that he brought. Chris took on the usual tasks, rapidly completed them to the desired standard, and asked for more. In some instances he suggested different approaches, offered insights, and expressed his desire to learn so that he could find future employment in public service. Since Chris demonstrated the capacity for more we gave it to him. Chris was challenged during the course of his work with us. He had to cope with the long hours that accompanies the initial days of a homicide investigation. He worked with little sleep, meals on the run, and the sacrifice of his weekends. He did this without complaint and he made real contributions to a very grateful investigative team. One thing I can be sure of is that he raised the bar for those seeking an educational experience in our unit." – Jonathan Mays, Chief County Detective, Cumberland county District Attorney’s Office

Business Category Recipient - Madison Shilk 
Clarion University
Human Resource Management | Management | Finance   
Human Resources Intern, Contact Technologies Inc. 

Maddie was responsible for the methodology development and format to plug and play as we implement cells across the plant. She did a wonderful job grasping this concept. This project required working hands on with the operators to determine all the specific duties in each cell. Once the criteria was established, Maddie conducted meetings with management to define a skills matrix for each operator in that cell. This project drives incentive for employees to want to work and perform in a cell. Maddie created this project from scratch and soared with it. Maddie was challenged to present the project to all employees during our monthly communication meeting, in addition to CTI’s CFO. Maddie has an extremely outgoing personality and is a go-getter. But while these experiences pushed her out of her comfort zone a bit, she took on the challenge with ease.” -  Jackie Lenze, Human Resource Generalist, Contact Technologies, Inc. 

STEM Category Recipient Cailyn Hall  
University of Pittsburgh  
Chemical Engineering  
Co-Op Engineer, The Sherwin Williams Company 

 Cailyn is a dedicated worker and strives for expanding knowledge in the engineering field. Cailyn was involved in daily communication meetings with site management where she relayed project information and addressed timelines/concerns in regards to in process items. She was also engaged in the site safety program and completed several audits and made recommendations upon findings. Cailyn was responsible for several corporate capital expenditure projects. Some of the projects Cailyn worked directly with vendors in order to scope work out properly and she also oversaw contractors on site performed the capital work. During the end of the rotation, we were impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and unfortunately Cailyn had to work from home. Even though it was remote, she was able to accomplish a lot of detailed worked surrounding our preventative maintenance program which was implemented to the site later this year. I'd like to thank Cailyn for all her support and efforts to making this co-op rotation a success.” – Steve Kauffman, Engineering Manager, Sherwin Williams Company – Lebanon, PA

Associate's Category Recipient - Minnie Jones 
Community College of Allegheny College 
Civil Engineering Technology 
Engineering Intern, The Partner 4 Work's Learn and Earn Corporate Internship Program

“Minnie participated in the Learn & Earn Corporate Internship Program 2020 and was placed with the PJ Dick-Trumbull-Lindy Paving construction company where she worked with the project management team and helped work on two of their downtown Pittsburgh building construction projects. She conducted measurements, reviewed floor plans and provided pertinent specs that assisted in keeping the projects on target. Minnie has engaged in an academic level of engineering and this work experience put those theory's and knowledge to practice Minnie's work was very valuable and instrumental in helping to push the projects along. Minnie was also celebrated for an awesome hosting work that she did for the program as a whole during our live Facebook social media event, this caused her to be invited to serve as representative of our program ending celebration Facebook live that included the Allegheny County Executive and the Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh. – Dr. Crystaline Barger, Manager of Youth Work Experience, Learn & Earn Corporate Internship Program