Virtual Conference 

Engaging Alumni to Provide a Diverse Experience: 
There is not just One Way 

Raymond Mizgorski, Carnegie Mellon University

Career offices often struggle with finding experts from their students' fields of study and getting them to come to campus. Bringing in these experts are often a strain on an already minimal budget. A great solution for this problem is utilizing alumni as an eager source of talent and expertise. This program will dive into the many different ways that you can utilize alumni in your programs and also address the need to serve diverse populations on today's campuses.

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What Have I Learned? 
How to Navigate Your First Year 

Lauren Fagan, University of Pittsburgh

If you are a soon to be, or new professional, getting your first professional position can be intimidating. What if I do not fit in? What if I cannot do what is expected of me? How do I spend my free time? In this session I will give you my first-hand advice on how to make the most of your first year on the job by exceeding your own expectations.

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Campus Partnerships: 
Working Together and Moving Forward

Courtney Baum, St. Vincent College

Serving students successfully involves more than helping them reach their first-destination – it also means educating the entire campus community about how each department can support students in their career development. Learn how to build mutually beneficial and trusting partnerships with colleagues across the institution, including in some unlikely and perhaps surprising areas.

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Change Management:
Debunking the Myths

Tammy Manko, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Change is inevitable; it's one certainty in life. In higher education, change is more important and necessary now than it's ever been. We need to understand change and be prepared to respond to the challenges that come with it, if we're to be effective in our roles and best serve students and other constituents. Please join me to explore the myths associated with change and gain insight that will be helpful as we enter a decade in higher education wherein change will be indubitably critical.

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Career Development is a Team Sport:
Leveraging Partnerships to Serve the Diverse Needs of Students

Nicole Feldhues, Duquesne University

In order to be successful, Career Development offices today must build a strong team around them. Attend this session to learn how Duquesne's Center for Career Development has developed a "Team Sport" mentality and worked to strengthen partnerships with a variety of influencers (and I don't mean on Youtube!) Influencers like faculty, staff, student leaders, parents, alumni and employers are important teammates and have become essential for meeting students where they are and delivering career information and programming relevant to meet students' diverse career needs. Come ready to learn (and share) best practices for relationship building, communication strategies, program partnerships, and niche programming.

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